Coulee Fest to showcase new country artists

Lethbridge College is hosting the fourth annual Coulee Fest next month. It is expected to be a full day packed with lots of food, fun and entertainment. An official with the college says this year is special because two up and coming country music artists will be performing at this year’s event.

“Lemon Cash who are a duo of brothers from Ottawa and another Alberta girl named Hailey Benedict and she is actually nominated for two CMA awards this year on September 11th so we are really excited about that and we are really pulling for her. For us, it was just a really cool opportunity to bring artists that maybe wouldn’t of had an opportunity in Lethbridge in some other capacity. As well as to bring a caliber of artists we’ve never brought to the event before. We did work with 1st Choice Savings to kind of sponsor our entertainment and we worked with the Sakamoto Agency to make sure we had a really good handle on what talent would be really beneficial for the Lethbridge audience,” said Stephanie Savage, Alumni Engagement Manager for Lethbridge College.

Coulee Fest will be taking place on September 17.

Angela Stewart

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