Lethbridge College to host weekend Open Farm Days

Lethbridge College will be taking part in this year’s Open Farm days for the very first time. This weekend’s event will be an opportunity for families to take in all the agriculture research that will be on display as well as learn about the industry.

“I think historically Open Farm days have been hosted by small market garden type places, places with livestock stuff like that, so it’s really cool to have an opportunity to learn more about the crop side of things. One of the really cool things actually about our farm is that we have an irrigation demo canal. There is sort of a small-scale running model of how irrigation canals work, how that infrastructure is maintained, how water is metered out. It’s an extremely precise, precise thing,” said Autumn Barnes, Integrated Agriculture Technology Centre Manager for Lethbridge College. 

Open Farm days will be taking place on Saturday, more details can be found here. 

Angela Stewart

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