City wide water bottle drive to support those who don’t have access to shelter during heat

This heat can be unbearable for some, and many don’t have access to shelter or a cooling centre so to help with the heat, there is a city-wide water bottle drive taking place. Especially with the recent tent encampments, the Interfaith Food Bank hopes this will provide some help to those who need water but say they are also lacking in donations.

“Even to have water available when we are asking people to move out of the encampments is something that will offer a sense of relief and safety. If we are taking away their ability to at least stay out of the sun, if we have the opportunity to keep them hydrated, that’s a step in the right direction. When we are feeling hot, we think about the fact that we have a nice cool basement to head into or whatnot, whereas a lot of other people wouldn’t and that’s when we see our donations flood in. Until this point, we have had the heat but it hasn’t felt excruciatingly warm and so we have had to use a lot of financial money to go out and buy the water because it hasn’t been coming in, in vast quantities as of yet,’ said Danielle McIntyre, Executive Director of the Interfaith Food Bank Society of Lethbridge.

Those who are interested in donating can deliver the water directly to Interfaith Food Bank.

Angela Stewart

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