City partners with Blood Tribe on new Intergovernmental Health Table

The city, along with some key stakeholders including the Blood Tribe, are partnering to try and tackle some of the health and social challenges our city is facing. Through an Intergovernmental Health Table, members will meet on a regular basis to review some of the most important matters within our region and on the Blood Tribe. Mayor Blaine Hyggen is one of the members and he says they are still working on the logistics of whom they plan to involve in on the roundtable discussions in the future.  

“This is really in its infancy, this roundtable. So this bucket list that was talked about, we’re going to sit down and be able to discuss some of the different challenges that we’re facing, who could be part of those possible solutions to the challenges that we face. And so that is something going forward. At this time it’s again in its infancy, but we look forward to working with all community members,” said Blaine Hyggen, Mayor of Lethbridge.

Charles Weaselhead with the Blood Tribe Department of Health says their goal is to better align their healthcare services with the city.  

“It’s often a concept that one community is not going to be able to tackle the issue of homelessness, of addiction and mental health. So, fortunately, we have willing partners with the province of Alberta and the ministers that are here with us today, along with the city of Lethbridge, with the Alberta Health Services, that we’re going to team up together. We’re going to share resources, we’re going to share our education and awareness of the issues and problems that we’ve been plagued with for so many, many years,” said Charles Weaselhead, Vice Chairperson for the Blood Tribe Department of Health.

Officials say they are excited to begin discussions and work collaboratively soon.


Angela Stewart

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