City eases COVID-19 restrictions for city staff

The city has begun easing some COVID-19 restrictions for city staff. Employees will now no longer be required to show proof of vaccination, face masks will be optional and those who have been working from home and are able to return to work. Jason Elliot with the city, however, explains there are still some employees who will have restrictions, but overall, they believe following in line with the province is the best approach.

“We do have a couple of operational areas that are under different rules and regulations such as our Fire-EMS folks fall under the AHS policy so those still remain in place and our airport staff are federally regulated so there will be some specific requirements that those staff are still asked to comply with,” said Jason Elliot, People and Culture Manager for the City of Lethbridge. “Throughout this pandemic, we have worked hard to comply with the provincial direction on any health measures that are put in place and it’s no different when the health measures are removed.”

Elliot adds the city remains optimistic that we are nearing the end of the pandemic and hopefully in the near future more health measures can be dropped.

Angela Stewart

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