‘Immunocompromised could be at higher risk of contracting COVID-19:’ Infectious Disease Doctor

Now that many COVID-19 restrictions have been dropped, including face mask-wearing, this could have people worrying about contracting the virus quicker, especially those who are immunocompromised. An Infectious Disease Physician says those who have immune issues are losing half of their protection, especially with people around them who won’t be wearing masks anymore.

“Many of these patients have been restricting their activities throughout the pandemic so cutting back on the number of the people I have been in contact with, now that we have rapid testing in place, people are going to have contact without masks on, you going to do testing before you have contact. But now of course, is at least of half of the protection you get when your out in public from masks is the other person wearing a mask so it’s problematic for them now at that point in time,” said Dan Gregson, Infectious Disease Doctor and Associate Professor with the University of Calgary

Gregson says the best way for those with a compromised immune system to protect themselves is still to mask up and be fully vaccinated.

Angela Stewart

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