Brian Jean plans to stand up against Ottawa, cutting fertilizer recommendation

Brian Jean says he has also heard from a number of farmers who are not happy with Ottawa’s recommendation to cut fertilizer usage. Jean says Trudeau is way off base and plans to fight for producers.

“Under Section 92 we have the exclusive jurisdiction over agriculture and our resources, and we got to fight back on Trudeau in particular. I think he is going to be gone soon anyways but we have to fight back and make sure we push forward very aggressively with our own agenda. We need to make sure that what happened in Holland doesn’t happen here and that means we need to have consultations with farmers and ranchers and make sure we protect what I consider to be a long chain of bad agricultural decisions if we let the 30 per cent mandate go. We are going to have a barley problem which means we are going to have a cow-calf problem which means we are going to be in a deep problem here in Alberta,” said Brian Jean, UCP Leader candidate.

Members of the United Conservative Party will elect a new leader on October 6.

Angela Stewart

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