‘Anxiety’: A top concern for students upon return to classes

Students at the University of Lethbridge will be back to class next week following a unique two-year learning experience due to the pandemic. Some faculty say student health and well-being is at the forefront of concerns. An associate professor with the university, Dawn McBride, says anxiety is one of their top concerns.

“Anxiety seems really high. Anxiety about connecting with people, anxiety about wellness. Anxiety about coming onto campus when they haven’t been here for a couple of years. Anxiety about their level of confidence, can they still learn? Then just accessing professors again and their peers that’s a big challenge. I would add, not only are we sending messages that there is help and resources available, but we are also leaning into connection and what that means is we are saying welcome back. We are so glad you are here. We got a chance to reconnect, and how are we going to do it this year,” said Dawn McBride, Associate Professor with the University of Lethbridge.

Students will be returning to class on September 6.

Angela Stewart

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