Alberta salons prepare to open Monday

The Alberta government says, on Jan. 18, personal and wellness services will be allowed to open. These include hairstylists and barbers, manicures and pedicures, aesthetics, reflexology, piercings, and tattoo parlours.

Brio Salon & Spa says their phone has been ringing off the hook. “It’s so fun. It’s like, ‘hi this is Heather from Brio,’ and the customers are like ‘oh my gosh, this is so exciting’…Everybody is just so glad that we get to open,” says owner, Heather Tytula.

With 20 employees, the salon will be making nearly 150 calls to reschedule appointments. No COVID-19 cases have been traced back to Alberta salons. Protocols haven’t changed from the last closure ‚ 15 percent fire capacity, mask wearing, and appointment only is required.

Employees will work extended hours. Tytula says she would prefer this over the alternative.

“Lethbridge really does support local, and we’ve been so thankful for that. People are buying gift cards and coming and buying product, but that’s only going to go for so long,” she continues “we keep saying, ‘we’re okay, we’re okay,’ but that only goes for so long until all of a sudden…this is now getting scary”.

Stylists say they are thrilled to welcome clients back, and add that aesthetics play a huge role in overall wellness.

“Things have kept up, and I think it’s because everyone places a lot of value in taking care of themselves for their own sake,” says hairstylist, Madison Webbet-Begovic.

Brio will open its doors Monday at 9a.m.


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