Agriculture Day celebrated across Canada

Tuesday was Canada Agriculture Day and it’s a time where Canadians celebrate not only where most of our food comes from but also the people who grow and produce our food. Byrne Cook with Lethbridge College explains the importance of the agriculture industry.

“I think one of the really interesting things about agriculture is that as we are encouraged to eat local, buy local, that sort of thing, agriculture really has a lot more ability to do that than most of the things that we purchase. When you look at what’s in your cart when you purchase whatever, groceries really is one of those that we really do support local. I mean obviously pineapple, that kind of stuff we are not growing here but the majority of our products we do produce and process locally. So that’s one thing agriculture can really be proud of,” said Byrne Cook, Chair, School of Agriculture with Lethbridge College.

There are many ways to celebrate today whether that’s buying locally or visiting local producers.

Angela Stewart

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