Young Women in Trades and Technologies spring camp takes place in Lethbridge

A group of female students in Grades 10 -12 learned what a career in the trades would look like during a three-day camp hosted by CAREERS. The students had a chance to hear from industry experts and even got hands-on experiences in carpentry, electrical, metal and piping. An official with CAREERS says it’s important to have people understand the need for workers in the trades.

“There is still kind of that narrative that women aren’t strong enough, big enough to do this type of work when that’s truly not the reality and we are CAREERS. We are trying to break down those barriers. Step one is to create that awareness for students. Truth be told, we are in a skilled labour shortage, all of our baby boomers are going to be retiring and we need people to be building our homes, and our hospitals, and our roads, and our schools, and so we may as well educate and create this awareness,” said Saroeun Keuth-Ray, Regional Manager, Southern Alberta for CAREERS: The Next Generation.

Similar camps for students were also held in other parts of the province.

Angela Stewart

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