Wildfire areas receive much needed rain

Areas in both central and western Alberta received some much-needed rain as firefighters continue to battle wildfires. According to Environment and Climate Change Canada the moisture is now making its way into Saskatchewan but the special air quality statements still remain in effect for some areas. Meteorologist, Sara Hoffman, describes some ways people can protect themselves from breathing in the wildfire smoke. 

“Once we’ve issued those special air quality statements. It’s for a really serious threat, and I think a lot of folks might not consider it quite as serious as it is. Even if you are someone without preexisting health conditions, you can get symptoms from the poor air quality. So the most important thing is make sure that you are trying your best to stay in environments with clean air. So make your home a clean air shelter. Make sure your windows are closed. You’re not bringing in air from outside, so maybe you’re turning off the furnace recirculation, or you’re being very careful with your air conditioning use, especially if it draws a lot of air from outside.”

The air quality has improved in many areas in both Alberta and Saskatchewan which now have a 2 on the AQI scale or Air Quality Index. 

Angela Stewart

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