Volunteer Lethbridge reacts to Federal Budget

The 2023 Federal Budget was released last week and a local non-for-profit group in the city says the conversation isn’t about the dollar amount that is being allocated toward different groups in Canada, but instead, the philosophy of supporting non-for-profit organizations and what the budget shows.  Amanda Jensen with Volunteer Lethbridge says this budget was very transactional and only certain sectors were highlighted.  

“What it didn’t do is provide an opportunity for transformational changes, which is what the sector is calling for and in dire need of. By a transformational change, I mean bigger policy decisions, such as a home-in-government. The non-for-profit sector has been looking for a home in government, both federally and provincially, for a very long time. There is not one particular area of either government that looks after the sector,” said Amanda Jensen, Executive Director, Volunteer Lethbridge.

Jensen says no one is looking out for the overall health of the sector which could have a negative impact on them moving forward.  

Angela Stewart

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