Van Gogh immersive art exhibit coming to Lethbridge

The ENMAX Centre will be hosting a unique immersive experience that will showcase some of Vincent Van Gogh’s finest works. The event is called Beyond Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience, will feature his work in three-dimensional form. An Art History Consultant for the exhibit explains why the exhibit was brought to Lethbridge.  

“An experience like this talks to everybody, to every community. And it’s really about finding pathways and communicating with a certain community, a certain city or town. And if there’s an interest there, and if there is a community interest, this project really speaks to a lot of people. And so it’s a really, really fun way of creating all of these network, of bringing it to as many people as possible. That was actually Van Gogh’s goal. He was saying multiple times over to his brother and his correspondence to him, that his work is about sharing, it’s about communicating, it’s about reaching future generations and that means reaching as many people as possible.”

Tickets are on sale now. The exhibit will be at the ENMAX Centre from July 14th to August 6th. 

Angela Stewart

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