UCP Leader candidate Brian Jean plans to address doctor shortage if elected

UCP leader candidate Brian Jean made a stop in Lethbridge Saturday to meet with party supporters at the Lethbridge Senior Citizens Organization hoping to sell some more memberships and tell them about his policies. A major problem our region is dealing with is a doctor shortage, Jean explains how he would address this issue in Southern Alberta.

“Through our universities and our educational process and picking Albertans to be first across the province when it comes to educational spots for doctors and nurses and all of these other professions that we need right now. We have to encourage Albertans to go into those professions that already live here or that are somehow connected to the province, so we have more Albertans that stay here, are educated here, and then practice here,” said UCP Leader Candidate Brian Jean.

Members of the United Conservative Party will elect a new leader on October 6.

Angela Stewart

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