Twelfth annual Los Amigos trip departs from Lethbridge

Members of the Lethbridge Rotary Club are currently on the road for their 12th annual Los Amigos trip. The 3,000 kilometre journey is an opportunity for members to bring down decommissioned emergency vehicles so that they can be used in Mazatlán. The co-president of the Sunshine Rotary Club explains the importance behind sending these vehicles down to Mexico.  

“Huge importance for first thing, we’ll talk about the fire trucks, right. They had no fire trucks in these communities. So when a fire happened, so you can gather that they would take a truck and put a water tank on it and hope they have enough water in that water tank to fight those fires. Now, we bring these fire trucks in. We bring them equipped. We bring in, for example, some Lethbridge firefighters came down a couple of years to train those people, to use that equipment and save lives,” said Gwen McMillan, Co-President of the Sunshine Rotary Club.

Since 2011, 44 vehicles have been brought down to the communities most in need. 

Angela Stewart

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