Travel advisories for most tropical destinations

This is the time of year many Canadians want to escape the cold weather and travel somewhere warmer. Travel advisories, however, are in place for some tropical destinations. The Canadian Government says its best to use a high degree of caution when travelling to Mexico, Jamaica, and the Dominican Republic. A travel expert with AMA Travel says many countries, however, have these advisories attached to them year-round.  

“It may not necessarily affect the actual country, but it might just be maybe a certain area out of some capital cities, some other areas. So you have to really see what the advisory is and really the exact pinpoint where it is. But I think at the end of the day, I think what most people need to understand is that if you goon vacation, you just want to play it safe. No different than what what you would be doing back here. We don’t want to be staying out late at night or get into areas that are dark. Anything along that line,” said Roland VanMeurs, Member Services Manager, AMA.

VanMeurs says when the advisory reaches a level three, it’s best to avoid all travel to that country.  

Angela Stewart

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