Town of Vulcan invites Conan O’Brien to be parade marshal for Spock Days

A very familiar Hollywood face is being asked to be this year’s parade marshal for the Spock Days celebrations in the town of Vulcan. Following an episode on Conan O’Brien podcast, the comedian became aware of the Star Trek themed town and soon became fascinated with its inception of the tv franchise. Shortly after, the town then extended an invite to O’Brien to be the parade marshal and costume cosplay judge.  

“He was on there, and he was so fascinated with what we were doing here and all that stuff, and at the end of the podcast, I don’t know if you had a chance to watch it. He says, oh, I’m going to Vulcan, tell the people, and coming to Vulcan. So we thought, why not. Why not throw that out there to him and see if he’d be interested in being the parade marshal and the costume cosplay judge. So we thought we’d send him the invite, wouldn’t hurt and see what happens from there. So it’s just if he’s willing to come, it’d be great for sure. I know we’ve had lots of different support from different people in different groups, radio groups and TV, things like that, so we’re going to just kind of keep pushing and see what we hear and just hope for the best. Fingers crossed,” said Chris Gauthier, Community Services Manager, Town of Vulcan.

This year’s Spock Days will take place from July 28th to the 30th.  

Angela Stewart

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