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Citizens for Truth Rally to be held in Winnipeg

A large rally is being planned for Winnipeg on Saturday. It is being put on by a group calling itself the Citizens for Truth. They want the RCMP to investigate alleged criminal activities that took place during the COVID-19 pandemic. The group alleges there were criminal actions taken by various healthcare agencies, police forces and […]Read More

Manitobans prepared for major storm

Heavy snow moved into southern Manitoba early Wednesday morning, resulting in rapid snow accumulations. Forecasters are looking at a range of up to 40 centimeters of the white stuff for Winnipeg. Some parts of the province, however, could see up to 60 centimeters.  Some Manitobans have been preparing for the storm for over the last […]Read More

Manitoba trucker speaks out

Manitoba trucker, Elmer Penner, who is taking part in the Freedom Convoy 2022 which is heading to Ottawa says Prime Minister Justin Trudeau needs to resign. Penner also says the federal government needs to scrap the COVID-19 mandates.Read More

Freedom Convoy in Manitoba

The Freedom Convoy which recently passed through Alberta and Saskatchewan has now made its way to Manitoba. Organizers are hoping to have around 50 thousand truckers join in by the time the group reaches Ottawa this weekend. Many of the truckers we have spoken to say this convoy is not just about the COVID-19 vaccine […]Read More