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Vote to End Equalization campaign aimed to help simplifying ballot

With the municipal election on Oct. 18, the Alberta Government previously announced two new ballot questions will be included. One is the controversial equalization payments and how Alberta has been getting a raw deal. However, the wording has caused some confusion among Albertans. As a way to help, a new third party advertisement has created […]Read More

AB Gov’t cancels drone surveillance request for proposals

A short-lived request for proposals would have brought the Government of Alberta one step closer to using drones to ensure campers are complying with public health orders.  The request was for a contractor to deliver to ground personnel data and footage of detected campfires, Off Highway Vehicles in restricted areas, and gatherings of 10 or more […]Read More

Make a Wish Foundation receives donation from MLA Drew Barnes

MLA Drew Barnes has made the futures of local kids brighter at the Make a Wish Foundation of Southwestern Alberta. Barnes donated 20% of his monthly salary to the foundation. In the past, the MLA from Cypress-Medicine Hat had come out and said that elected officials should take a 20% pay cut as a result of the struggles that local businesses have had to face during the pandemic. Read More