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Heritage Festival to highlight history of Crowsnest Pass

A whole slate of fun activities are set to take place at the Crowsnest Pass Open Doors and Heritage Festival from July 28th to August 1st. In past years the event has brought in over 9,000 people. With 40 activity events put on by over 30 partner organizations. The event celebrates the history of the […]Read More

History of the Frank Slide disaster

Canada’s deadliest rockslide took place close to 120 years ago. Frank Slide showcases the catastrophic damage that was caused when limestone rocks rained down on the community of Frank here in Alberta. As Video Journalist Micah Quinn explains, the slide has a very rich history.Read More

Southern Alberta newspaper suing Facebook and Google

A law firm in Toronto has filed a lawsuit against Google and Facebook on behalf of a Southern Alberta newspaper after some anti-trust issues were brought to light when it comes to advertising costs. The lawsuit claims the two major tech giants have wrongfully controlled the Crowsnest Pass Herald advertising, taking the paper’s content for […]Read More