Shakespeare in the Park to perform at Nikka Yuko Japanese Gardens

If you are looking for something fun to do with the family, Shakespeare in the park will be taking place at Nikka Yuko Japanese Gardens. Beginning in 2011, the Lethbridge Shakespeare Society has been putting on shows for spectators to enjoy and this year there will be 17 shows, with three of them taking place at the gardens. The president of the society says the show this year is Hamlet, and it’s not the typical Shakespearean Hamlet.

“Our Hamlet, one of the things I work on every winter is to cut down the length of the Shakespearean play to make it more accessible for our audience which comes in all shapes and sizes. All ages from babies to 90-year-olds. Its full of action, it moves along very swiftly, and we have duels in it, we have ghosts, we have poisonings and stabbings. So it’s a lot of fun for all ages,” said Kate Connolly, President of the Lethbridge Shakespeare Society.

More details on all the shows can be found here. 



Angela Stewart

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