Reminder of fall yard, house preparations as temperatures start to drop

Crunchy leaves and changing of colours, is a true sign that fall has arrived in southern Alberta. But before the temperature drops and snow starts to fall, there are a couple things to keep in mind around your property. 


Karen Barby with Green Haven Garden Centre says with the hot summer weather we saw, it’s important that our trees and bushes get plenty of water, and now is a great time to do that. 


Barby adds, you should also decrease your lawn watering to 50 per cent over the next month.


In terms of trees, Barby says only cedar’s need to be covered throughout the winter months.


It’s not just outside preparations that need to be done, there are also some to-dos for inside your home.


Along with ensuring weather stripping around windows doors are steeled tight, Executive Director with Environment Lethbridge, Kathleen Sheppard, says changing your furnace filter, resetting your thermostat and cleaning your bird feeder before putting it outside are good practices to do during the fall.


The City of Lethbridge’s yard waste sites are open until the middle of November for you to dispose of any yard waste.

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