“Pushes for film and TV production in Lethbridge’: Economic Development Lethbridge

Alberta has become a major centre for film and tv production and lately there has been a push to try get more film and production to Lethbridge. As part of the budget process last year, Economic Development Lethbridge proposed an initiative to city council that would tap more into the entertainment industry to help bring more money into our economy.   

“We put forward what we thought was a reasonably proactive strategy to bring new investment, to create jobs, to build opportunities in creative industries. We’d like to see council fund that initiative as we proposed it. But, you know, there’s only so many tax dollars to go around, and this is an incremental ask .And so council is doing its due diligence to make those tradeoffs for Lethbridge. I’d like to see us diversify our economy further. This is an industry where we don’t play a lot. There’s pockets of it happening here. How do we grow that. How do we just create more opportunities for Lethbridge businesses in this space”

Lewington says after Tuesday’s council meeting, they have been asked to come up with some new ideas and information on the request in two weeks’ time.   

Angela Stewart

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