Non-for-profits see increase in most vulnerable ahead of winter

As the temperature drops outside, a couple of non-for-profits in our city say they are seeing more people are using their services. Bill Ginther with the Lethbridge Soup Kitchen believes the increase is due to the encampment situation right now.  

“This morning for an example, we served breakfast at seven and we had 147 people, and that’s fairly large for breakfast, evening meal, we often see 150, 165, but for the breakfast, that’s fairly big. And part of that is we’re seeing a lot of encampments in our neighborhood again, despite efforts to move people, they move back. So I think what happens is people hang more shelters around buildings and then of course, they hang close to us because we provide meals,” said Bill Ginther, Executive Director for the Lethbridge Soup Kitchen.

Folks at the Alpha House anticipate seeing an increase in people coming in as the colder weather sets in.  

“We are always just making sure we’re being vigilant. Our outreach teams are connecting with folks on the street to bring them to the shelter to help them take a break from the cold. Our encampment team, our team that works with rough sleepers are out there making sure that folks have supplies if they’re not able to or willing to access shelter services, making sure that they have the supplies that they need to stay warm, ” said Shaundra Bruvall, Communications Manager for Alpha House.

Both organizations say they always welcome donations such as food and clothing for some of the most vulnerable in Lethbridge.  

Angela Stewart

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