Early screening for breast cancer recommended

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and doctors say early screening and detection is the best way to assure that a person doesn’t die from the disease. Dr. Christine Molnar with the Alberta Society of Radiologists says not all breast cancers are the same and there are some that don’t progress as quickly, so it’s important to have that early diagnosis.  

“Some breast cancers are a little bit more indolent or slower growing than other breast cancers, which are, very broke very quickly. And so, you know, the whole idea of screening is to see a woman’s breast and see early changes which are small, and you can’t really control or even determine fully how fast a cancer will change. I mean, there are some genetic tests for it,” said Dr. Christine Molnar, VP of Breast Imaging and Interventions for the Alberta Society of Radiologists.

Breast cancer causes about 14 per cent of all cancer related deaths in Canadian women each year. 

Angela Stewart

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