New University of Calgary study looks at treatment option for Acute Kidney Injury

It could soon be the first of its kind in Canada, a treatment option for Acute Kidney Injury. A study out of the University of Calgary, Nephrology Researchers are coming up to the final stages of creating that treatment as there currently are no options for patients suffering from Acute Kidney Injury. A Nephrologist with Alberta Health Services explains the study.

“We have been studying for many years how inflammation occurs in the kidney and we identified this molecule called Dipeptidase I that regulates inflammation in the kidney so that’s what we did. We identified how inflammation occurs in the kidney and importantly we found, not that we found, but we have been working on two drugs to block that inflammation pathway. We are going to try these drugs in humans in the coming year and some clinical trials and that’s really the exciting part of this story.”

If the trial is a success and the medication is created, it would be given through intravenous and human trials will begin within the next 12 months.


Angela Stewart

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