NDP pledges millions to expand cardiac care at Chinook Regional Hospital

Alberta’s official Opposition say if elected, Albertans will have access to even more cardiac care as the party is pledging a major expansion at the Chinook Regional Hospital. Lethbridge West candidate Shannon Phillips and Lethbridge East candidate Rob Miyashiro say the NDP will invest $20 million dollars to expand cardiac care at the hospital. Miyashiro explains how the money will be utilized.  

“Offering new interventional cardiac services and more diagnostic services. More cardiologists, more cardiac catheterization. Allowing doctors to see and eliminate deadly blockages. Under Rachel Notley’s leadership, the Chinook Regional Hospital will have the best standard of treatment for heart blockages in Canada. This plan is supported by AHS internal evidence and it’s time to push go,” said Rob Miyashiro, NDP candidate for Lethbridge-East.

In response to the provinces announcement, Phillips says nobody can trust the UCP when it comes to healthcare.  

“This is invisible money. It was not in the budget that was just voted on two months ago when Nathan Newdorf told the legislature that cardiac care expansion at Chinook Regional Hospital was not necessary and no studies had been done even though he was in receipt of those studies. So this money is a lie. Just as they’re justification for not taking action two months ago was a lie,” said Shannon Phillips, NDP candidate for Lethbridge-West.

Phillips says she is confident that the residents of Lethbridge will side the NDP in the next election on May 29th.  



Angela Stewart

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