Is it more affordable to live in a motorhome than a house?

In Canada, the demand for housing has been outpacing the available supply, leaving numerous potential home buyers in search of alternatives. Living in a motorhome has become increasingly popular, particularly among younger generations. Cost plays a significant role in this choice; living in a motorhome is more affordable than buying a house and taking out a mortgage. There are no property taxes, and the freedom to move at any time adds to its appeal.

Naveen Day

Naveen came to Lethbridge in 2018 with experience in broadcast spanning over 20 years. In Winnipeg, he produced two factual entertainment shows for Shaw and Bell MTS prior to his move to Southern Alberta where he quickly ventured out into the world of journalism at Bridge City News. Naveen has a passion for producing thought-provoking and informative news pieces that answer questions we all have in the back of our minds.

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