Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women remembered through City Hall display

Every year on this day many cities across the country hold walks in memory of Indigenous women, girls and two spirited people who are either missing or have been murdered. In our city, about 4,000 red flags have been placed at City Hall to bring awareness to the estimated number of how many women and girls are missing. 

“The City of Lethbridge adopted the national inquiry with regards to MMIWG and here in the city’s work plan, they’re recognizing that we can provide local action in recognition of the symbolic nature. But also the hugely important challenges is faced by many of the families who are dealing with losses of murdered indigenous persons across Canada.”

An organizer of today’s event says, Lethbridge has been holding similar walks for over 16 years and the message hasn’t changed. 

“When they come out and they say, hey, our family members are missing, they don’t go disappearing for no reason. They show up, but nobody’s listening still to this day, still this is happening. We had a family that went and said, hey, our family members missing. And they said no they’re not and then, sadly, they found them a week later and this happened in our community just within this last year. Nothing has changed. So here we decided to do this on February 14th to follow suit with our brothers and sisters in Vancouver.”

Nationally, there have been over 1,700 confirmed deaths of murdered indigenous women.  


Angela Stewart

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