Mental Health week in Lethbridge

Monday kicked off Mental Health week in Canada. This week is all about raising awareness and reducing the stigma surrounding mental health. Wood’s Homes in our city continues to provide services to youth that are struggling with mental health and the organization says they are seeing a crisis with the situation especially coming off of the pandemic.  

“Definitely an increase in mental health issues and lots more families are just struggling. And Woods Home’s is here for children, youth and families on all aspects. So we’re definitely seeing an increase. One of our main services in Lethbridge that we’re known for is the core, which is the youth shelter. So youth ages twelve to eight or sorry, twelve to17 can access the emergency shelter and get crisis support. We have eight beds and they are youth that come in are given access to food and to counseling services.”

On May 7th, the recognize the week, places including the water tower and city hall will light up green to show their support.   

Angela Stewart

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