Lethbridge Soup Kitchen in need of volunteers

The Lethbridge Soup Kitchen say they need more volunteers to help serve meals to some of the city’s most vulnerable. Bill Ginther, the Executive Director of the Soup Kitchen says they have seen an increase in people using their services and they don’t have enough volunteers to help meet the demand.   

“We keep increasing or we see an increase in the number of people that are coming to eat. It does slow down a little bit in summer, but what also happens in summer is, like you and me, people like to be away on vacation, and that happens. So what happens quite frequently is we’ll have teams that are signed up regularly, maybe once a month or even once a week. If it seems that if one or two of them are away, the rest feel that they can’t come either. So people cancel out within a few hours or a day before saying, our team often won’t be able to come this month.”

Ginther says they need about eight  to 10 people to serve meals and have only been getting around three to four. If you can volunteer, you are asked to reach out to the Lethbridge Soup Kitchen directly.  

Angela Stewart

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