Lethbridge Public School Division welcomes students back to the classroom

Students in the Lethbridge Public School Division made their way back to the classroom. Kids resumed in person learning following a year of flip flopping due to the pandemic. The Division’s newest school, Dr. Robert Plaxton Elementary in Southbrook, welcomed the first students to step foot inside. 


Principal Erin Hurkett says although some students may be a little nervous, so far everyone has been excited to get the semester started. 


“It’s been so exciting. We’ve been anticipating this for a long time, getting this school ready, so on behalf of the staff, we are all so incredibly excited to get going at this brand new school. The kids seem really excited coming in, a little bit nervous, a little bit shy, it’s a new school with new staff for them, but overall everyone seems really happy and excited to be here,” says Hurkett.

Dr. Robert Plaxton Elementary is home to Kindergarten to Grade 5, and currently has roughly 380 students enrolled. Around 80 students are learning online. The school is the first of its kind in Lethbridge to run solely on solar energy.

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