Lethbridge Police Service begins new employee initiative

The Lethbridge Police Service has launched a new employee initiative that will allow staff to express and share the experiences they’ve had surrounding leadership and work culture within the police service. The initiative is called Employee Experience Listening Tour. Deputy Chief Scott Boyd explains why it is so important.

“It really comes on the heels of our employee survey and it was the first time last year where we extended the survey to the civilian employees within the Lethbridge Police Service. They told us that we were doing some really great things which is exciting, but there were some areas that they identified that we could do a little bit better job at, so this is a chance to get a little bit more details as to what exactly they meant and flush that out so we can continue to take action,” said Scott Boyd, Deputy Chief of the Lethbridge Police Service.

Howett HR, a human resources firm, will be facilitating the tour this month and Boyd says they look forward to hearing the feedback from the group.

Angela Stewart

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