Lethbridge music promoter Ron Sakamoto nominated for CMA award

Southern Alberta music promoter, Ron Sakamoto, has been nominated for a Country Music Association award. Sakamoto is one of four nominees for the Rob Potts International Live Music Advancement Award. Sakamoto says he and Potts go way back and he feels very honored to have been nominated.   

“First of all, it’s named after Rob Potts from Australia, a tremendous promoter and a really, really good friend of mine. We served on the board of directors of the CMA board in Nashville for six years, and we were both invited to the White House, and we just got to be real great friends. And he promoted country music in Australia and as much as he could, and then he came out of Canada to visit me here, and we got to be really good friends. And so this award named after him is pretty special.”

The award will be given out on November 8th in Nashville.  


Angela Stewart

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