Lethbridge Eagles to host Mental Health and Memorial game

The Lethbridge Eagles are hosting their annual Mental Health and Memorial game next weekend. The team has been putting on the hockey games for the last two years after suddenly losing one of their former teammates to a mental health illness. Co-head Coach Erin O’Toole says these types of events are important to not only spread awareness, but to let people know that supports are available.  

“When you go and you play team sports and specifically hockey. As a coach, I grew up playing the game. And that support and that camaraderie that you have within that dressing room and on the ice and how you work together towards a common goal, it’s massive. It can create a support network that not only lasts within that season for a handful of months, but for a lifetime. My have friends that I’ve had for years that get to be in my corner and help me through the kind of ups and downs and turbulence of my life. So that conversation within not just sports, but just in general, I think, is even vastly more important for our youth,” said Erin O’Toole, Co-Head Coach, Lethbridge Eagles.

The Eagles will be hosting Cochrane at Nicholas Sheran arena on Saturday Feb. 4 

Angela Stewart

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