Lethbridge daughter inspires mother to earn Agriculture diploma

A Lethbridge mom and recent graduate of the Agriculture Sciences program at Lethbridge College says she was motivated by her daughter who graduated from the same program two years ago, to go back to school as a mature student. Her daughter Alley says she didn’t have the same experience of being able to walk the stage but was happy to see her mom receive her diploma. Lana Handsaeme says she enrolled just two weeks before the fall semester began in 2020.

“The whole family was there for me, they were supportive. It was a lot of work, doing school, working two jobs, running our farm, and you know having family at home, it was a lot of work but it was worth it. My biggest thing is you know is don’t hesitate, you know you’re never too young, you’re never too old to go back to school. I was a little worried about being a mature student with a lot of young students, but the kids in my class were really great and we all got along really well,” said Lana Handsaeme, recent graduate of the Agriculture Sciences Program at Lethbridge College.

“I am really happy for her. I am glad she pursued it to continue her education. It is pretty exciting to watch you know your mom go across the stage like that. When I graduated it was the start of COVID so we never did convocations so it was nice to actually experience it but experience it for her too,” said Alley Handsaeme, daughter of Lana and past graduate of Lethbridge College.

Lana says she is currently working part-time at a job she got through the college, while Alley is also working in her field.

Angela Stewart

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