Lack of moisture causes issues for seeding

Spring seeding is in full effect for farmers in Southern Alberta and one farmer says they have finished their seeding for this year. David Bishop says the nice weather makes for an easier time to seed, however, it does make for super dry conditions, which isn’t good.

“You don’t want it really hot because it dries the ground out very fast but conditions now, they are not hot, they are about normal so as far as that goes. The seeding went really smoothly, really quickly because of course we didn’t have any rain to delay us so, dry ground you can seed pretty quickly, it goes in the ground nice and easy but we do need rain. That’s the biggest issue right now is our lack of moisture,” said David Bishop, Director at Large for Alberta Wheat.

With the lack of moisture, Bishop says he currently has all of his irrigation running and hopes to see some rain later this week.


Angela Stewart

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