Horses in the park program returns to Galt Gardens

A couple horses with the Lethbridge Therapeutic Riding Association were in Galt Gardens this afternoon for the Horses in the Park event. The initiative which takes place two Fridays a month is a chance for some residents to hang out and enjoy some quality time with a horse.

“These are therapeutic horses, they are trained for this purpose. The program, it’s evolved and it’s quite beautiful. We come with a range of supports, with AHS, with Harm Reduction, indigenous recovery teams, the Sage Clan, there are a bunch of organizations that come and are with us as we do this. We provide an opportunity for conversation, so the vulnerable in the park, those who are inflicted with addiction, who are just having a rough time of it, have an opportunity to just be human, just to have joy, the joy and presence of a horse,” said Jason Shriner, Executive Director of the Lethbridge Therapeutic Riding Association.

Shriner says the horses in the park program has been taking place since last fall.

Angela Stewart

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