University of Lethbridge officially open new stadium turf

The new turf at The University of Lethbridge Community Sports Stadium has been installed. Athletes are pretty excited to be playing on the new field. The FieldTurf surface has about three times the infill than the old space had and is up to the same standard as a CFL turf. Student athlete Keegan Brantner says it’s exciting to be playing on a new field.

“Super exciting, I had my first session in the summer when the turf had first opened and we were delighted how much bouncier it was and just more comfortable it was for us to run on. Going into my 5th year, it’s really exciting actually to get to play on the first year of the new turf and getting to finish my season off on a brand new turf. It just feels like a new beginning for Pronghorn Athletics and for our women’s rugby team just having a fresh start,” said Keegan Brantner, Student Athlete.

The new area is not just for the university athletes, the Lethbridge Minor Football Association players will use the community stadium as their home field. The president of the group says players were ecstatic to play on it for the first time.

“First thing that they noticed when the field just opened that we have our logos and the kids were immediately drawn to go see their future high school logo in the end zone. The quality is amazing, they are absolutely ecstatic about this new stadium,” said Jonas Freedman, President of the Lethbridge Minor Football Association.

The total cost for the field renovation was $911,000.


Angela Stewart

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