Digital Media ‘inspiring’ at Lethbridge College

Digital Media students from Lethbridge College recently participated in the annual Tecconnect challenge — for the first time virtually.

Students were challenged to come up with new and innovative ways to promote the space and services to benefit entrepreneurs. The students created a marketing plan and collaborated to combat real-world challenges for a local entrepreneur.

“Even though they’re not in the same room, it opens up so many global collaboration possibilities, and these tools that were foreign to all of us before…it (has) almost been a year of online, but they’re so adaptable…these students,” says instructor of multimedia production at Lethbridge College, Tanya Weder.

In previous years, Tecconnect facilitated the event by physically bringing in a local business or entrepreneur for the students to work with. Amidst the pandemic, this year’s client was Tecconnect itself.

“It’s a time where these passions, and being able to create digital things is so widely available,”says multimedia production student, Heather Kniel “it’s inspiring knowing that there’s so much passion behind it and we’re in a digital age where it’s possible to do these things that we’re dreaming of”.

Students presented their ideas for a panel of judges.

Ainsley O'Riley

Ainsley O'Riley

Originally from Ontario, Ainsley started her broadcasting career at the age of sixteen with Rogers TV. She is a graduate of the College of Sports Media in Toronto and has previously worked with TSN on The Jay and Dan show, and Canada Laughs on Sirius XM. She has also worked for the Canadian Football League. She is looking forward to connecting with the community.

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