Country star Brett Kissel to perform in Cardston

Canadian country music singer Brett Kissel will be making a stop in the town of Cardston this weekend. The St. Paul, Alberta native says he’s never had the opportunity to perform in Cardston up until now. He says he prefers performing at smaller more intimate venues as opposed to much bigger stadiums. 

“I love being able to see everybody. So when we’re playing to probably around just 1,000 people, Cardston is all we’ve got capacity for. It’s going to be really, really great to have that connection. And connection is very, very important in my world and in my business. So getting a chance to play a smaller venue, often people what a crowd may lack in numbers, they make up for in enthusiasm. So sure it may be a small crowd but it’s going to be a mighty crowd. And that’s why I’m really excited that anybody wants to travel from Lethbridge or from any of the surrounding communities. I mean, this is an opportunity to see me in a setting that is going to be a lot more intimate and a lot more face to face than probably anything else I’m going to do this year,” said Canadian Country star Brett Kissel.

Kissel will be performing at the Cardston High School this Saturday.

Angela Stewart

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