Coaldale Ride and Rods event to take place

One in seven men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer and about 12 men die from it daily. That is why Coaldale’s Ride for Dad charity fundraiser group will be hosting the first annual Ride and Rods event this Saturday which will feature classic cars for the first time. All the funds from the weekend will go towards raising funds for prostate cancer. Organizer Mark Anderson hopes more people will be open to talk about cancer after the event. 

“To make sure that we all get tested because it’s one of the most easily treatable cancers provided you have early detection. One in seven of us are going to have prostate cancer, so go back, support it. The other thing I am really encouraged to see is the number of ladies that are getting involved this year with us, in support of their dads, and their husbands, and their families. I think it’s to bring the message to a broader community other than those just affected by it,” said Mark Anderson, Organizer of the Ride and Rods event.

Ride for Dad has raised over $35-million since 2000 and takes place in 30 different locations across the country.

Angela Stewart

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