City secures resources for Encampment Strategy

It has been one month since Lethbridge City Council approved the encampment strategy. City officials say lots of progress has been made securing the resources they need to get the plan into action. Andrew Malcolm, Community Social Development with the city explains some of the biggest milestones they have been able to achieve.   

“I’m happy to report that as of today (Thursday) and leading into next week, we will have our full three time, full time positions in place. Two of those are directly in the encampment response, and one is a housing coordinator. We also have secured our outreach services contract with Streets Alive, and we have all of our processes in place with three one one coming live next Monday. So effective June 19th, we will be basically fully prepared to deliver the encampment strategy as was proposed in the strategy.”

Speaking to the strategy, a member with the Lethbridge Police Service Downtown Police Unit, says they have seen a 98 per cent compliance rate with the plan.  

“When we attend with the Clean Sweep Partners and Streets Alive, people are very quick to pick up their stuff. They’re compliant. I would say our biggest challenge that I have is the garbage that’s left behind. And that’s what I’m continually hearing from the community, that people are frustrated with the garbage that’s left behind from these people that choose to kind of urban camp or rough sleep. If they were to kind of honestly pick up after themselves, I think we would see less complaints too close.”

Full details of the Encampment Strategy can be found on the city’s website. 

Angela Stewart

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