Hamlet of Granum expand fireworks display for Canada Day Celebrations

The hamlet of Granum is getting ready to host their annual Canada Day celebrations. This year’s festivities will feature a breakfast in the morning, a show and shine and then a big fireworks show in the evening. An official says the fireworks will be even bigger than last year’s.  

“People gather on the golf course out on the driving range. So you have an up close and personal experience to fireworks here. More than most anyplace else, you would see them. The fireworks company that talked to us haslet us know that this fireworks show is probably going to be the biggest one outside of the major urban centers this year.”

“We got some really good donation missions this year and sponsoring them. So we’re going to be probably half as big again as we have been in the past.”

More details of the festivities can be found on their website. 

Angela Stewart

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