City of Lethbridge introduces new parking app

Lethbridge is introducing a new parking app as the city’s previous carrier is being discontinued. The new app is called Flowbird. It is available for people to pay for their parking within the downtown area. Parking Coordinator for the city, Phillip Berg, explains why they chose this app specifically.

“This app was also hosted by the vendors who host our parking operations. It came with no cost to the City of Lethbridge and it had the lowest user fees. The new app is simple and easy to use. You just zoom in on the location, very similar to the previous app. From there you just select the zone that you’re parked in so Zone 3, 2, or 10. You select the duration that you would like to purchase and then just confirm purchase and that’s it, it’s very simple,” said Phillip Berg, Parking Coordinator for the City of Lethbridge.

An official with the Downtown BRZ says the response from businesses has been great.

“Downtown businesses that I have spoken to about the app are pleased in that it as easy to use and that it does have features like renewing parking, time, adding additional vehicles, those kinds of things. It is very streamlined and super easy for anybody visiting our downtown,” said Sarah Amies, Community Director for the Downtown Lethbridge BRZ.

The city’s current app WayToPark will go offline beginning June 30.

Angela Stewart

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