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City of Lethbridge introduces new parking app

Lethbridge is introducing a new parking app as the city’s previous carrier is being discontinued. The new app is called Flowbird. It is available for people to pay for their parking within the downtown area. Parking Coordinator for the city, Phillip Berg, explains why they chose this app specifically. “This app was also hosted by […]Read More

New Lethbridge Loop app

The City of Lethbridge is leaping into the world of apps. The Lethbridge Loop app allows you to check out daily city service reminders at the palm of your hand. As Video Journalist Micah Quinn explains, staff from the city say this app will save Lethbridge a decent chunk of change.Read More

Historical side of Lethbridge featured in app

An app is letting Lethbridge residents explore the history of our city. The On This Spot app showcases then and now photos of historic spots throughout the windy city. Pictures are shown from dates as early as the 1900s. The Co-Founder and CEO of the app, Andrew Farris, says the company works with cities to […]Read More