Chinook Regional Hospital healthcare volunteers receive scholarships

The Friends of Chinook Regional Hospital in Lethbridge along with Alberta Health Services have awarded four volunteers with Healthcare Professionals of Tomorrow Scholarships. The scholarships are given out annually. They are geared towards younger volunteers who are in high school or university who dedicate time to volunteering at the hospital.

“Some people are undecided on what they want to do, what career avenue they want to take, and we have these scholarships to healthcare workers, so a healthcare worker doesn’t have to be a physician, doesn’t have to be a nurse, it could be somebody who is just going to be in healthcare right? Whether it be an x-ray tech or something like that, but getting them involved and being able to be firsthand of how the hospital runs and really getting experience with patients, I think it’s really pivotal in how they shape which avenue they are going in on their career,” said Executive Director of Friends of Chinook Regional Hospital.

Erickson says the money from the scholarships will go towards helping to further the student’s education in healthcare.

Angela Stewart

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