‘Pro Rodeo back at Whoop-Up Days’: first time in almost a decade

For the first time in almost a decade, Whoop-Up Days will feature a Pro Rodeo. The special event will be taking place over the next three days. Some well-known riders will be at the rodeo. CEO of Lethbridge and District Exhibition, Mike Warkentin, says it wasn’t an easy process getting the rodeo back to our city.

“It’s been an interesting conversation, it’s probably been going on for almost four years at this point in time of how we get pro rodeo back here in a way that makes sense that we can grow it into the future and it could be a core staple of our event programming. Our board committed to rodeo, our team has committed to rodeo, we’ve had great partners in the Rocky Mountain Turf Club and a long list of sponsors who have helped us to make that rodeo a success this year and we are ready to burst down the doors and let people in for tonight’s performance,” said Mike Warkentin, CEO of Lethbridge & District Exhibition.

The first rodeo takes place tonight until Saturday at the Rocky Mountain Turf Club.

Angela Stewart

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