Canine first aid training course offered

The Southern Alberta K9 First Aid will be holding a training session this weekend for anyone who is interested in learning how to perform CPR on their dog. The group travels across the country teaching first aid. They cover everything from health and prevention to how to stop bleeding. The owner Lisa Kreiger says these types of training sessions are important and many are unsure of how to save a dog’s life.  

“Things that you didn’t think would happen on a regular basis happen all the time. So we have people that reach out to us after they’ve taken our course, and they have their dog choking on food, and they have to do the abdominal thrust on them. Or I’ve had somebody that’s taken our class, and she’s a groomer, and she was grooming a dog that she had in, and the dog went into cardiac arrest because of the blow dryer. And she said, had I not taken your course yesterday, I probably wouldn’t save the dog today.”

More information on the class is available here. 

Angela Stewart

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